5 Things My Dog Showed Me To Live A Better Life

5 things my dog showed me to live a better life

Letting Go Can Be Hard

I haven’t posted anything in a while.  I had a little bit of transitioning going on in my life and could not find the will to write.

If you’re a reader of mine you know about past issues I’ve had with my Companion Chyna.  If you’d like, you can read about what was going on here.

Things did not improve and we unfortunately had to make that dreadful decision.

We opted for a veterinarian to come to the house.  It was definitely a more peaceful experience for us all.  I highly suggest this if you are ever in the position to make the decision of putting your pet down.

What Cha Doing


Learning Through Those Around You

Throughout this process, I did a lot of contemplating. 

I’ve always considered a dog’s attitude to be a perfect example of how to live your life.  A dog wakes up, wagging their tail, happy to be alive. 

They don’t care about what happened yesterday and they don’t worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow. 

Dogs are totally “in the moment.”

With that being said, I recognized some traits that Chyna had in her life that have shown me what the exemplification of love looks like.

Here are 5 things my dog showed me to live a better life.

  1. Fearlessness

Chyna’s first year of life is unknown.  When she was found she was emaciated with scars on her nose.  Our girl was a Pit Bull and we believe someone was trying to use her for dog fighting. 

She also just had a litter of puppies and all her pups were adopted, leaving her all alone.

Chyna had a lot of fear in her and coward whenever you tried to pet her. 

Eventually, she moved past that fear and lived a life of fearlessness as she approached every new person she met.

This is a perfect example of how we should approach life. 

Yes, we have all had things happen to us.  We all have our story.  But, in order to move forward, you must let go of fear.

Make the decision to go for what you want!

  1. Forgiveness

In order for Chyna to move past all her fears, she had to forget the past and forgive “humans” for the things that were done to her.

Often times us humans remain stuck because we continuously relive things from our past. 

If you want to move forward you must have a forgiving attitude.  Let go of blaming people and situations that may have hurt you in the past and your future with be a brighter place. 

Let go of the sack of burdens you’ve been carrying around everywhere you go!

  1. Lovingness

Chyna truly had a loving heart.  She greeted every person she met with a wagging tail and a deep interest in discovering who they were. 

Each day was a new adventure to experience the wonders that the world had to offer.

She loved life!

We tend build up walls each time a person or situation hurts us. 

Often times this causes us to live a guarded life.  We question everyone we meet and think twice before we attempt to venture into unknown territory.

The only way to live a wondrous life is to have a loving attitude.

Stop assuming people are out to get you.

Stop questioning if every new experience will harm you in some way.

Live like Peter Pan and you will learn You Can Fly!

  1. Joyfulness

    Eating Sister"s Food

    Eating Sister”s Food

Chyna’s wagging tail was a sign that she was a happy dog. 

She had a goofball personality that made you laugh every time. 

She had so much joy it was almost contagious.

Sometimes daily life can take its toll on us and we develop a grumpy attitude.

This not only affects you yourself, but those around you.  Read more here.

If you want to live a more joy-filled life you must be conscious of the thoughts you’re thinking and the attitude/energy you extend out into the world.

Be more joyful and you will experience more joy!

  1. Gratefulness

Chyna was grateful for everything in her life

She loved people food but did not grumble when we put dry kibble in her bowl.  She ate dry kibble with the same appreciation as if it were a piece of barbecued steak (her favorite).

How often do we take for granted the blessings in our lives?

We’re so busy looking at what we don’t have that we forget to see what we do have.

If you want to live a life filled with things to be grateful for try being grateful for what you already have first.

When you have a grateful heart the doors to abundance will be flung wide open!

Her life was not in vain.

As you can see, Chyna has left an impression in my life. 

She has definitely been the exemplification of love.

Following is a poem I wrote that sparked this post.

I hope you enjoy.


The Exemplification Of Love


Life didn’t start out

Too good for you

You had a rough beginning

This much is true


Beaten and abused

You were left to die

But you willed to live

Only God knows why


You knew you had a purpose

Some lessons to teach

It didn’t matter

If they seemed out of reach


You knew you’d be rescued

You knew you’d be saved

Fear did not matter

The road had been paved


The moment you saw me

You knew in your heart

This man who stood before you

Would give you a new start


You had to be brave

Forgive pain from the past

You had to do this

If this love were to last


Your love grew stronger

Each day that went on

Our hearts were connecting

We were building a bond


The evils that plagued you

You left behind

You had joy in your heart

Only one thing in mind


You wanted to give

What you had been given

Love, joy, and happiness

That was your mission


Every person you met

Every face that you licked

Showed you were grateful

That you had been picked


You’re my example

Of how to live

Always be grateful

Always forgive


Love with all your heart

And never fear

A brand new beginning

Can always be near


You did your job

You’re my best friend

The lessons you taught me

I will hold to the end


Thank you Chyna

You’re my baby girl

Now you can eat every lizard

Chase every squirrel


Soon it will be my turn

When I must depart

I know you will be waiting

For a brand new start

Have you ever had to put down a pet?  Did you have someone come to your home? 

What kinds of things have you learned from your beloved pets?

Let me know in the comments below.

I’d love to hear what you gotta say.

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Jose Cosme

Originally from Bronx, New York, Joe is no stranger to adversity. Having studied many philosophies, he has triumphed over these adversities and has helped others do the same. Professionally, Joe has had the rich experience of working with people with disabilities as he helped them reach their fullest potential. Now, as the creator of the "What I Gotta Say About It" blog, Joe continues to influence the world as he helps people to realize their highest potential and to reach for the unlimited possibilities available to us all.


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  3. I am glad to see you back but so sorry about your dear Chyna. The one time I had to put a pet down my ex-husband and I did it our selves. A neighbor kid up the block beat my cat with a baseball bat. I don’t know how she found the strength to make it home but she did. We knew she wouldn’t make it through the night, she was just too broken. So we ground up an aspirin and put it in some milk to ease her pain and just loved her until she passed.

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