Time Can Mend Your Heart

Time Can Mend Your Heart

If you follow this blog, you know that last year was a hard year for me and Rob.  We first lost our beloved Chyna.  Then, six months later, we lost my baby girl Maddy.

Time can mend your heart

We still miss our girls.  But, with time, things get easier.  Also, having our puppy Lotis has helped the process.  He truly has filled our hearts with joy.

However, my puppy, Lotis, is no longer a puppy. He reached one year last month.


In the video above, we are on one of our nightly walks. We are going over a bridge that I once had to lift him up to look over. Now, he’s a big boy and doesn’t need my help to look over anymore.

It’s hard to believe that we brought him home in a laundry basket.

There’s no way he could fit in that now.Mend Your Heart Lotis coming home

Look at how much he’s grown from his first Fourth Of July to his second.

Lotis First fourth of July

Lotis second forth of July










Here he is after a bath when he was so young. He needs a beach towel to dry him now.

Lotis bath time

Here’s my baby boy going through different stages.

Lotis Collage

You have to be open to mend your heart

After losing Chyna, I was against getting another dog.  But, Rob really wanted to add another dog to our family.  So, I reluctantly agreed to adopt Lotis.

Even though I agreed to the situation, I was internally resisting the whole process.  I did not want to open my heart to another dog.

But, as time went by, my heart opened and I accepted Lotis as my baby boy.

Now, Lotis is attached to my side.  He is my best friend. 

There’s enough room in your heart for all kinds of love

Had I not allowed myself to be open to love, I would have never realized that there is so much room for all different kinds of love.

I loved our girls so much.  They were one of a kind.  And Lotis is one of a kind as well.  There’s a different kind of love I have for Lotis.  I think it’s because we had him since he was 7 weeks old.  There’s more of a paternal feeling to it.  I get so emotional looking back at how small and helpless he was.

What I’ve learned

So, I’ve learned something from a pet again.  Stay open to possibilities.  If you want to move forward in life you always have to be open.  Especially when hardship happens.  It’s the only way that time can mend your heart.

Please feel free to comment.  We really do want to hear what you gotta say.

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  1. What a beautiful post Joe. We lost our Sheila (she was a German shepherd) several years back and haven’t gotten round to getting another one. The kids are keen, but I’ve been holding back a bit.

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