Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Green-Eyed Monster.”

Tell us about the last time you were really, truly jealous of someone. Did you act on it? Did it hurt your relationship? 

This post serves two purposes.  Let me explain.

I started this blog in November 2014.  I put up a couple of post before finding The Daily Post’s daily prompts.  My first response to one of the prompts was interesting to do.  They gave you ten minutes to write about whatever came to mind.  I received a couple of comments and a few likes.  This excited me.  My blog wasn’t even a week old and I already had some positive feedback.

On my second response to one of the daily prompts, I received even more comments and likes.  I even got some people who decided to follow me.  I was exhilarated.  I thought to myself “I really like this blogging thing.”  I was hooked.

The daily prompts provide a way for WordPress.com bloggers to connect.  As you read each others responses you’re inclined to comment and show your appreciation by liking a particular post.  It’s very similar to Facebook, or any other social media outlet, for that matter.  This is great.  it helps to get your blog some circulation.  However, I soon began to have issues with the direction my blog was going.  I won’t go into detail here.  If you want to read up about it, click here.

I also noticed some people complaining about how the daily prompts were recycled very often.  I hadn’t noticed it.  It was probably because my blog site was so new.  But guess what?  This prompt is almost identical to one that The Daily Post provided it May.

This leads to the first purpose of this post.  I get to recycle one of my pervious responses to a daily prompt.  You can read it here TA DA!

As for the second purpose for this post, well, it’s my return to blogging.  After the revelation of my TA DA post,  I posted a couple of things.  I even responded to  some daily prompts.  Mainly, however, I started getting my “self hosted” site together.  I’ll be posting that whole process shortly.  It will be the continuation to this post.

There’s a lot of self analysis I went through to explain why I stopped posting.  However, at the end of the day, they are just excuses.  Perhaps, someday, I’ll bore you with the details.  For now, I’m just happy I decided to come back.  Let’s try this again, shall we?


Jose Cosme

Originally from Bronx, New York, Joe is no stranger to adversity. Having studied many philosophies, he has triumphed over these adversities and has helped others do the same. Professionally, Joe has had the rich experience of working with people with disabilities as he helped them reach their fullest potential. Now, as the creator of the "What I Gotta Say About It" blog, Joe continues to influence the world as he helps people to realize their highest potential and to reach for the unlimited possibilities available to us all.

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