Devil #3

I read a story today that sickened me to the bone.  It’s no secret that this sort of thing happens on a daily basis.  Yet, most of the time it goes unreported.  Many women do not report this sort of thing because they know the odds are stacked against them.  However, this sort of thing happens to men as well.  They might have different reasons for not reporting it.  Perhaps it’s due to shame, as they failed to fit their role in a patriarchal society.  I don’t know the answers, but this post made me think about the world we live in and it isn’t pretty.  Patriarchy effects everyone in some form or another.  I think it’s time for a change.


Nineteen seventy-something. In the bar with friends.
When you are in your twenties, the partying never ends.
It was rodeo season  and the big one was in town.
As one by one they ordered drinks, I couldn’t turn them down.
We were a rather rowdy bunch of teachers in our prime
Devoted in the classroom, but wild on our own time.

The bar was crowded hip to hip, the music barely heard
over the loud cacophony of laugh and shouted word.
It was my turn to buy a round. I struggled towards the bar.
My polite “Excuse me’s!” really hadn’t gotten me too far
when a guy appeared in front of me and moved the crowd aside
as though he had appointed himself to be my guide.

You can read the full story here  Devil #3

Jose Cosme

Originally from Bronx, New York, Joe is no stranger to adversity. Having studied many philosophies, he has triumphed over these adversities and has helped others do the same. Professionally, Joe has had the rich experience of working with people with disabilities as he helped them reach their fullest potential. Now, as the creator of the "What I Gotta Say About It" blog, Joe continues to influence the world as he helps people to realize their highest potential and to reach for the unlimited possibilities available to us all.

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