No Need To Believe In A Scary Hurricane

Scary Hurricane Matthew Skull

An auspicious sign, not a scary one. People are afraid of what they don’t understand. This isn’t a skull of doom, this is an auspicious sign of caution, protection and survival. What a blessing.

The Media Tries To Scare You

The NASA image showing Hurricane Matthew as it traveled across Port au Prince, Haiti is auspicious, not a scary sign.

Skull imagery symbolizes death and immorality — the physical passes but WE continue on in another form, i.e. caterpillar to butterfly.

Just Be Cautious Of The Scary Hurricane

A skull signifies proceeding with caution and is used to ward off evil. It denotes protection, strength, power, fearlessness, transformation, wisdom and guidance, overcoming death, surviving through a difficult time.

Choose The Thoughts To Entertain

If you’re stressed about a hurricane hitting, entertain other thoughts.

Don’t look at images like this meant to scare you. Don’t listen to inflammatory forecasts by weather reporters who are seldom accurate, and don’t watch videos of devastating storm footage.

None of that has to be your reality until you begin attracting it.  Just because you keep focusing on the bad aspects of it.

Claim Your Reality

Your reality can be that the storm moves over the area in one long and loud night.

Have flashlights and water at the ready if we lose power.

Also have pen and paper, it would be revelatory to journal the thoughts that arise.

Temps have dropped so it will be comfortable closed up for 12 hours.

The power company knows what areas to mobilize to and will have power restored quickly.

Scary Hurricane Last House

Remember that yours can be the home left standing , safe and sound, no matter what happened around you.

Affirm What You Want

No matter what other people are experiencing, they may have a tree down in their yard but you may not.

Other people may have problems, but you do not.

Remember we each attract our life experience to us by virtue of what vibrational frequency we’re on.  The radio station in consciousness we’re tuned into.

That’s why a neighbor may have property damage and you do not.

Therefore, stop watching scary hurricane stuff.

Remind yourself what you already know.

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Jose Cosme

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