Reflections Of Ourselves

Reflections Of Ourselves

Everyone and everything we see in the world is a reflection of ourselves.

That is the truth. Whether you believe this or not does not change it. The truth is the truth. Everything is merely a reflection of ourselves.

That’s a bold statement right there.

It’s also the topic for a lot of debate. Some people argue that if everything is a reflection of ourselves, than we are responsible for everything that happens in our lives. Others become very annoyed with this concept. They believe this kind of thinking places the blame back on the victims of cruel behavior.  They believe it clears the perpetrator of any wrongdoing because somehow the victim called it into their lives.

I happen to believe that everything we see is a reflection of ourselves.  

However, I believe this does not mean we have to take responsibility for what we see. By this, I mean we do not have to blame ourselves, or emotionally attach ourselves to what is being mirrored back to us.

The reason for this is because this happens automatically. The Universe is simply reflecting parts of our own consciousness back to us.  This gives us the opportunity to really see ourselves and ultimately heal and grow from the situation.

Our beliefs are literally just staring us right in the face.

Our beliefs about relationships, about men, women,  and love and life in general, are all there for us to look at.  And they are presented in the actual relationships themselves. This also includes our relationship with things.

Habitual Thinking

We have all acquired certain beliefs throughout our lifetime.  These beliefs cause us to react in certain “habitual ways.”  This is most notable in our relationships. 

Because in order to experience anything or anyone we must first be able to relate to it. 

For instance, if we believe that men or women are not to be trusted (no matter how trustworthy we are), or if we ourselves have been willing to be the “other woman” or “other man” in the past, then by the Law of Attraction we will attract relationships in which a lack of trust is a major issue.

This is because that is where we have chosen to vibrate. That is our mindset.  Even if our partner is being faithful to us, we will look for reasons to prove otherwise and, as the saying goes, we always find what we are looking for.

This is happening on many levels.

These reflections of ourselves are simply a mirror that has come in the form of a trigger.  It comes to prompt us to look at ourselves.

We may not be consciously aware that we have the belief that “intimate relationships are unsafe because people will eventually betray us.”  So, we will be given plenty of opportunities to challenge this belief.

This is also happening with whomever we attracted into our experience. They too, are working on challenging a belief. And, on some level, we both agreed to do this together.

We are only responsible for ourselves.

This is the truth. Someone may come into our lives and “blow it up.” They may have been disrespectful, deceitful, or abusive to us. But in the end, that is their problem. They have to live with the guilt and their own karma.

Ultimately, we only have to take responsibility for ourselves and how we react to the situation.  Will we become the victim?

Or, can we learn from the experience. We have to be truthful and honest with ourselves and take a look at our part in the situation.

  • Did we ignore our gut feelings or red flags?
  • What energy were we projecting to make this person believe it was alright to disrespect, deceive, or abuse us?
  • Do we believe we are unworthy?
  • How can this be changed?

It’s the same for everything.

If we get cancer, would it help to claim ourselves as victims? Would it help to blame cancer?

Oh how could cancer do this to me? It has blown my life up. It disrespects, deceives, and abuses me. Damn cancer!!

I don’t think that would help much. Instead, it would probably be better to look at where we are and make the necessary decisions to get through it.  We only have to take responsibility for how we react to life.

Pay Attention.

Be aware of the things in your life.  Question why they might be there.  Be aware of how you react to certain situations that always seem to pop up in your life, over and over again. 

Perhaps there’s a reason they keep showing up. 

It just might be that the Universe is giving us an opportunity to heal some hidden part of ourselves by sending us reflections of ourselves.

We would love to hear what you gotta say, so please feel free to share in the comments section below.


Namaste Joe

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Jose Cosme

Originally from Bronx, New York, Joe is no stranger to adversity. Having studied many philosophies, he has triumphed over these adversities and has helped others do the same. Professionally, Joe has had the rich experience of working with people with disabilities as he helped them reach their fullest potential. Now, as the creator of the "What I Gotta Say About It" blog, Joe continues to influence the world as he helps people to realize their highest potential and to reach for the unlimited possibilities available to us all.

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