Powerful Words

Powerful Words

powerful words


We are all creations of some source.

Call it God, Spirit, Universe, or even consciousness, but we all come from some unknown source. When we take the time to form a relationship with this source, we come to realize that we are blessed.  We become aware of all the gifts we have been given and an understanding comes to the forefront of our minds. We are supported in being a blessing to the world.

This is not egotistical, arrogant, or narcissistic. It’s simply the truth. There is no one else on this planet with the same mixture of talents and experiences that you have.

Holding back your talents and gifts makes you feel miserable.

Why? Because you are not fulfilling your life’s mission. Before we incarnated into this world, our souls made a plan to fulfill something. When we aren’t going in the direction of completing this task, we feel it deep down in our souls.

Being reluctant to move towards fulfilling your dreams doesn’t only affect us individually.

When we hold back our gifts, we are actually depriving others of receiving what we have to offer. You could make the best cupcakes in the world. But, if you never share them, no one will ever know. Being a blessing to others means imparting goodness onto others not keeping it to ourselves.

It takes courage to move towards your dream life.

However, everyone can do it. You just have to train your subconscious mind to believe that you can. One way of doing this is through powerful words or affirmations. Here are some to start with:

  • I have access to the source of all peace, joy, wisdom, prosperity, and well-being.
  • Tuning within, I access divine ideas of inspiration.
  • I allow divine ideas to fill my mind.
  • I realize that these ideas are the stepping-stones for building the life that I want.
  • Living the life that I want contributes to my fulfillment and blesses others in wonderful ways.
  • Throughout the day, I use powerful words infused with positive energy.
  • My thoughts, words, and actions are expressed in powerful ways that bless the world.

It takes time to change the subconscious mind. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Patience and commitment will ensure that these changes will change your reality as well.

Play around with your powerful words. 

Make your own affirmations that fit your specific needs. Just remember to phrase them in the present tense. Look at it as if you are claiming what already is.

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Jose Cosme

Originally from Bronx, New York, Joe is no stranger to adversity. Having studied many philosophies, he has triumphed over these adversities and has helped others do the same. Professionally, Joe has had the rich experience of working with people with disabilities as he helped them reach their fullest potential. Now, as the creator of the "What I Gotta Say About It" blog, Joe continues to influence the world as he helps people to realize their highest potential and to reach for the unlimited possibilities available to us all.


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  2. Great piece, Joe! We must share out gifts with others — no need to hold onto something that will add value to the lives of others.

    • Thank you Michelle. I\’m working on sharing as much as I can, without being in front of the computer all the time. This blogging thing can be quite consuming. Stayed tuned though. 🙂 Joe

  3. These affirmations are powerful and inspiring. Thanks!

  4. Wonderful post! The affirmations are great.

    • Wow, thanks. I\’m truly scoring big time with you today. I use affirmations a lot. I even make recordings with my own voice. They are sort of like guided meditations. I started doing this a while back when I read somewhere that hearing affirmations in your own voice quickens the process.

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