21 Things To Pack For A Walt Disney World Vacation

Walt Disney World Vacation

Walt Disney World Vacation

I live in Florida so I frequent Walt Disney World a lot. I don’t really have to worry about packing a whole lot of things.  However,  I have many friends who are Disney enthusiast who often ask what should I pack for my Walt Disney World Vacation?  So, I’ve compiled a list for A Walt Disney World Vacation.

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1.   A Sharpie

If you’re going on a Walt Disney World Vacation with children you’ll need a sharpie.  However, not the regular kind, but a big fat sharpie! The characters have to go through a lot of training so that they can sign their name, exactly the same, every time, and they learn to do it with their oversize hands. But you can make their life a lot easier with the big Sharpies.

2.   A corkscrew and/or bottle opener

Maybe you’ve shopped on Amazon.com to purchase some non-perishable food to keep in the room, and you’ve purchased some beer and/or wine. Maybe you’re planning on renting a car to get it once you’ve arrived at your Walt Disney World Vacation. Or maybe you’ll get some from the convenience shop at your resort. How are you going to open that wine or beer?

3.   A blister care pack

You can take all the preventative measures you want, but you still may end up with a blister. So what should be in a care pack?

In the morning, before you leave, put moleskin on your heel, where your shoe rubs. You may also want to put it around each of your toes. Do this for each family member who will be walking the parks. If you’ve got kids in strollers, no need to worry about them. Some people put an antiperspirant right onto their feet instead of moleskin. I didn’t have good luck with that, but many others have.

If, despite your best efforts, you end up with a blister:

  • Sterilize the safety pin with the hand sanitizer.
  • Have your small gauze sheets handy.
  • Poke a small hole in the blister with the pin. DO NOT peel the blistered skin off or rip it!!! It needs to stay intact. You’re simply trying to drain the fluid.
  • Absorb the fluid with the gauze.
  • Once the blister has drained, put the band on.
  • Put a small amount of powder on to try and absorb any sweat, and keep the band-aid from slipping.

4.   A power strip and/or extension cord

How many devices are you bringing with you on your Walt Disney World Vacation? Electrical outlets are scarce in all hotel rooms. If you bring an extension cord, you can plug the power strip into the extension cord. You’ve now increased your number of outlets and made it so you don’t have to dig under a table, or behind a bed or dresser to get to the outlet.

5.   Shout Wipes

Throw them into the bag you’ll take with you to the parks.  They are helpful for ketchup and beverage spills!

6.   Tupperware/Gladware

You may end up with snack or counter service credits. USE THOSE CREDITS! You paid for them! Throw the food into the Tupperware, and put it into your carry-on bag to eat on the flight (or drive) home. Just be careful about liquid things. They won’t make it through airport security.

7.   An empty suitcase

Wait- what?! Yes – bring an empty suitcase on your Walt Disney World Vacation. Even if it means that you’ll have to pay extra checked bag fees. Why? It’s a Disney curse. You’re going to leave with more “stuff” than you brought. And an extra checked bag is much cheaper than a bag that exceeds the weight limit.

8.   A spare house key

Put it on a key ring, and attach it to one of the zippers inside the suitcase. One of my friends while on vacation left his car keys, and consequently, house key, in his house. It really put a damper on things when he had to drive 20 minutes to his family’s house to get a spare.

9.   Some laundry detergent

You can buy travel size bottles. Rather than spending extra money, if you buy laundry pods, just throw a few of those into a small Rubbermaid container. DO NOT put them into your suitcase without putting them in something else first. The idea here is that in case something happens and you’re forced to do laundry, you can do it. (There are laundry facilities at all the Disney resorts). You don’t want those pods breaking, forcing you to do laundry on the day you arrive.

10.   Small flashlight

This really is for those with little kids. You can just pick one up at the dollar store. These are great for a few things. If you’re on a ride with darkness, and your child gets scared, give them this. It will comfort them. (Just remember to throw it in your bag before leaving for the parks!) Additionally, if you need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, this will help. Also, little kids like ownership. Hanging on to that flashlight will satisfy that need.

11.   Chilly Pads

In doing my research for this article, I came across Chilly Pads. I had never heard of them, which is why I included the link. Lots of Disney vacation vets swear by them, so you may want to give it a shot!

12.   A Hydro Flask

I actually do own one of these, I love it, and I know you will, too. Why? It’s the only thermos that I’ve ever used that actually keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold. I’ve left the Hydro Flask in the car on a summer day, all day, and it still had ice at the end of the day. It’s THAT good. These are perfect for making sure you stay hydrated throughout the day.

13.   Anti-bacterial wipes

The hand sanitizer was covered in the blister care pack, but wipes are good to have as well. If you have little ones who aren’t old enough to rub their hands together, (or for the high toxicity of the sanitizer), the wipes are great. But in addition, you can give your table a quick wipe down at counter service locations. I’m really not a germaphobe – but there are people coming from all over the world. Animals run over the tables and chairs, birds poop on them – I just feel better making sure that I know that the surface we’re eating off of has been cleaned properly.

14.   Shower curtain/liner

This is probably another “WHAT THE HUH?!?!” moments but hear me out. This applies specifically to families that will be taking a stroller. When the skies open up and it starts pouring, you can throw all of your belongings into the stroller, and throw the shower curtain over the stroller. Perhaps you’re asking why your stroller won’t be with you. Well, at a great number of attractions and restaurants, you won’t be able to bring your stroller in. Even if it’s sunny, that shower curtain will make your stroller easy to find.

15.  Pre-printed address labels

If you plan on sending postcards, you can bring some with the addresses of those you want to send them to. However, what I’m talking about here is to print them with your own name, cell phone number, and Disney resort. Why? So you can stick them on any and everything. Your backpack, your stroller, your camera, your kids, etc…. The part about the kids may seem like a joke. But if you get separated from your kids, having that label can make it even easier for a cast member to find you. Some families go all out with this – they’ll go to one of those beading places and make a bracelet with their cell phone number, they’ll make a tag that goes on the kids shoelaces – but pre-printed labels can be a life saver. Or at least, a possession saver.

16.   Gum

If you chew it, bring it. It’s not sold anywhere on Disney property, nor at Orlando International airport.

17.   Lysol

Sure, this may be great for that single bathroom your whole family will be sharing. But more than that, if you have sensitive family members (asthma, allergies, etc.), you can spray this stuff into the AC vents to kill some of the mold spores that may be growing. Additionally, you can spray the door knobs, bathroom fixtures, remote control, etc. to kill any germs from the previous guests.

18.   Glow sticks

Again, this is really specific to families, unless you’ve got some adults who may want them! There are all kinds of light up toys sold at the various evening entertainment throughout the parks. But you can pick up twice as much glow-related goodness for half the price.

19.   Disposable cups

Did you see those news exposé reports about the housekeeping staff who cleaned the glasses by simply rubbing them with the water that was left on their rubber gloves after cleaning the toilet? I’m not making that up. Gross!

20.   Ziploc bags

TONS of uses for these guys. You can put electronics in them. If your bag gets rained on, the Ziploc bag will keep the electronics safe. Got leftovers at a counter service? Throw them into a bag for later. (Be careful with this one – food + hot sun = food poisoning!) There will almost certainly come a point where you will wish you had one.

21.   A Portable Charger

These little power packs can save you when your cell phone’s battery is almost depleted. Simply plug you cell phone into one of these and it will charge up in no time.

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